Monday, January 16, 2012

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of CRAZY .. to say the least! A few days after Christmas, with the help of some of our amazing family and friends, Audrey & John Sands, Melissa Miller and my INCREDIBLE Mom and Dad (to name a few), we managed to get our entire house, ok no, actually about 1/4 of our entire house :) into a Uhaul and on the road to the East Coast. The drive out was actually pretty awesome (although David would probably not agree) In my opinion, the boys did fabulous .. for those of you who know my boys, it is only by the grace of God that my rambunctious boys lasted for four twelve hour days in the car without losing their minds! And they DID, they were absolute troopers :) I know God must have been feeding them some kind of medicine for relaxation or something.. whatever He did.. it worked and I wouldn't mind if He did it more often .. just saying :) In Dave's opinion, the ride was a little scary and stressful.. this was his FIRST time pulling anything, let alone an incredibly heavy trailer across the country. The weather mostly held except for a little rain and a lot of wind.. and some ridiculously bumpy roads! (watching the trailer sway back and forth over each bump was very SCARY - so after awhile I stopped looking in the rearview mirror..)
After four days, we made it to our destination!! We checked into a hotel at 11:30 on New Years Eve and rang in the New Years happily asleep :) (there's always next year ;) ) We spent the next few days looking for a home as Dave was quite anxious to offload the trailer, and we were all anxious to NOT be living out of our car! After looking at a ton of pretty gross homes, a few disappointments with either not getting approved for a home we wanted or something we wanted already being taken.. we FINALLY found our HOME .. Home away from Home that is :) (pics to come soon)

We got the keys for the house on Thursday December 29th at 4:30, spent the next several hours unloading the trailer, went to sleep and then got up the next morning at 5:00 a.m. to catch a plane to DISNEYLAND! (which we will save for another post) We spent the weekend in Cali and then headed back home to get organized. (not an easy task with two flights of stairs in the house.. one leading upstairs and another to the basement.. which anyone who has a one-year-old knows best that this is a little bit of a death trap!)

Since we have been here, we are already learning a lot about each other and enjoying spending our time with only each other (since we don't yet have any friends on this side of the country :))  About Connor, he definitely needs time to adjust to change. Dave and I were at first very surprised by his behavior over the last week or so and then we remembered how he reacted to his brother being home with us the first few weeks (not so good at first ;)) But, with Connor, the nice thing is that he only needs a few weeks to adjust and then he is back to his sweet self.. so we are looking VERY forward to Connor being back to his normal self. Seth seems to be adjusting quite well.. he is his normal self .. picking on Connor and laughing at everything Connor does.. and talking like CRAZY! He certainly is FULL of personality! David has been enjoying being home with us (or so he says :)) And, I have LOVED having him here.. if only he could just not get a job and always be home! (of course, we certainly need the income so if you think of us, please pray he finds a job soon!) I am a little back and forth.. I am excited to be here and love watching Connor experience so many new things, but I am also sad to see how much he misses his friends and family. And, I of course miss my friends and family as well.. for someone who has never been away from home for more than a few weeks at a time, this will definitely be a HUGE change.

Anyhow, thanks for visiting our blog.. we will continue to update you all often on our life here.. We MISS you all and LOVE you tons!!!